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Photos & Art Direction by  Thierry Ambraisse

Photos & Art Direction by Thierry Ambraisse


Adidas originals - nmd launch - content series

The creative team at Firstborn came up with the idea to do a docu-content series specifically for the Adidas Originals' Instagram.

We followed two photographers (one from NY and one from LA) and created five :15 Instagram Stories.

Viewers could engage with the content by swiping up and learning more about each influencer's creative process through an interactive scroll which featured photo galleries, quotes, and additional video content. At the end of the scroll, viewers could take their own photo with the chance to win either influencer's "capture collection" - 3 objects that facilitate creativity.

Ultimately, we created a docu-content series which consisted of 10 videos per influencer in addition to 2 short recap videos which lived on Adidas Originals' Instagram.


Firstborn Team (Content Series): Ulrika Karlberg, Thierry Ambraisse, Sam Isenstein, Bo Flojborg

Director of Photography - Paul Yee

Editor - Amy Adair

Glossy Award Winner, Shorty Awards Finalist, Webby Nominee


For an overview of the entire campaign, watch the case study. Keep scrolling to watch the mini-docs below.

Instagram Stories - Five :15 Documentaries + Transition to Scrolling Website

Docu-Content Series - Five Short Documentaries - Featured throughout Scrolling Website

Instagram Posts - Dondre & Sagan - Recap of Campaign